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  • 15 Jan 2013

    How to create a digital magazine for iPad, iPhone and Apple devices with Qiü System?

    We tell you how is the process to create a digital magazine with Qiü Magazine, an innovative and modern tablet publishing system that integrates all important features needed to create an App for your digital magazine and distribute your issues in mobile application stores from a simple pdf file. Your readers could download and install the App of your magazine on their devices (smartphone or tablet) and take your magazine everywere with them.

  • 14 Jan 2013

    Do I need an special App for my magazine or it is enough to publish in digital newstands?? No! Your App, not other’s!

    If you want, you can deliver your magazine in digital newstands to make people know your magazine digitally, but, must you know that this way It is impossible to find directly on the App store or Google Play an App with the name of your magazine. it’s previously searching the digital newstand`s App name into the App store, downloading the app, and finally searching on the App magazine directory that you might find the name of your magazine. This may be a problem