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15 Jan 2013

How to create a digital magazine for iPad, iPhone and Apple devices with Qiü System?

We tell you how is the process to create a digital magazine with Qiü Magazine, an innovative and modern tablet publishing system that integrates all important features needed to create an App for your digital magazine and distribute your issues in mobile application stores from a simple pdf file. Your readers could download and install the App of your magazine on their devices (smartphone or tablet) and take your magazine everywere with them.

With your logo on the newstand of Apple’s devices or, in Android case, on the desktop.

If you have a journal or multiple publications, Digital Kiosk application by Qiü Magazine, may interest you.

With Qiü System (CMS of Qiü Magazine), you could upload yourself the pdf file and add several multimedia effects very easily.

This is a little explanation of what our costumers make to publish issues on their app once they contract our services, and we have already built the app and the connection with the Appstores:

first time that you work with our publishing tool, You register with a username and password in

When you are already connected, the first thing it asks you is the name of the magazine, the position wished of the digital magazine: Horizontal, vertical or square, the publication date and finally, if it is free or payable, if payable, you would choose a closed list of prices set by Apple in both euros and dollars.

You may write a short description of the App (You should explain that it is an App for digital magazines and other publications) and finally the publishing system will ask for a pdf.

Once uploaded the PDF, you start working into inserting links, embed video, audio, animation, and everything that lets you add in the pdf’s pages our publishing tool.

We have created in our CMS, an easy way to insert content multimedia. This is a minimum required in any tablet publishing software. This is a great feature because, other publishing tools cannot insert all multimedia content wished.

An explanation of features:

- Text links, image links and banners of all kind.

They can point to many parts of your website: An article related on the same magazine, a place on the web,  an online store,  a product datasheet, an advertiser’s website. With the possibility to purchase anything.   

- Videos: straming and offline (video youtube, vimeo, etc ...)

- Audio: Audios autorun, you could establish an audio running when opening a new website. It’s possible to insert playing buttons.

- Animations: Many kind of animated windows showing wished content.

In Qiu Magazine we have created tool that integrates some creative features and a system to publish on Appstores easilly.

You could start to publish in Appstores very quick. Your first issue would be uploaden by our team while setting up the App (included on the service).

Once the App is created and launched by our team, you could access our tool whenever you want to star editing your magazine’s pdf and building ipad version. Once you think it is ready, you will be able to launch it to the App store contracted (Apple, Android) and send it to all of the users of your App.

Contact (contact) with our sales team to find out about the possibilities that a mobile application for your digital magazine with multimedia features that System Qiu offer.