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How much does Qiü Magazine cost?

Qiü magazine is a system that you access filling a simple access form with your username and a password that our commercial tema will give you at the end of the hiring process. Once you are already signed in, you will be able to upload the pdf of your publication and start  inserting multimedia effects on it.


Pricing of our iPad magazine publshing tool changes according to the following:


- How often is launched a new issue of the publication: It's cheaper a monthly publication than a weekly publication.


- Light/PRO version: Pro version lets you include multimedia effects to your digital magazine or brochure like links, video, audio, html5, etc... Light version just lets you include links.


- Apps Markets: Set up costs depend on the number of App Markets where you want to deliver your App.


- Hosting and data traffic: All of your publications and contents will be hosted in our servers in the cloud. Each time a user downloads your App for first time or downloads a new issue from your App, is really downloading data from our servers, who are sending the information creation data traffic.


Qiü Magazine just ask money for the data traffic, not for the hosting of the App.


Qiü Magazine includes a mensual volume of data traffic, once reached that volume of data, costumer may pay an extra cost.


How is extra price calculated?


For example, let's suppose that your magazine has a weight around 20 MG (just the pdf). If you add your digital magazine two vidos of 5 MG each one, your final digital magazine will have a 30 MB weight.


If that publication has been 1000 times downloaded, you may have the following data traffic: 30 MB x 5000 users = 30.000 MB / 1024 (29,9 GB).


If you would have contracted a service pack of Qiü Magazine with 20 GB included, you just should pay for 9,9 GB.


Anyways, we want to express that we truly believe that our service is one of the most complete and professional with the best prices in the actual digital publishing market.


If you are interested in develop an App for your digital publication, call or write us. Our team will advise you on what is the option that most suits to you.